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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 24, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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investigations, neil. >> neil: thank you very much for that, he is awake and being treated right now, they are talking about's follow-up surgery for some of the broken bones and the rest. but he's going to be okay. his career, that's another matter. ♪ ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone, i'm juan williams along with jesse williams, dana perino, greg greg gutfeld and dagen mcdowell, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." serious new trouble for new york governor andrew cuomo, he's already facing calls for impeachment, he's under federal investigation over the nursing home scandal but now a former aide is accusing the governor of sexual harassment. lindsey boylan dropping bombshell accusations today, they include unwanted kissing and touching, she also claimed
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the governor told her "let's play strip poker." and that top female staffers "normalized" that kind of behavior. detailing one of her allegations saying, "we were in his new york city office on third avenue. as i got up to leave and walk toward his open door, he stepped in front of me and kissed me on the lips. i was in shock but i kept walking." cuomo's office issuing a denial today, saying the allegations are simply false end the governor himself has denied the accusations in the past. jesse, let me begin with you, the governor is getting hit from every direction here, first the nursing home scandal and now this, the pot is boiling, is the governor cooks? >> jesse: he's close, let's play strip poker has to be the cheesiest pickup line even i have ever heard. this is the kind of line they
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used in corporate sexual harassment training programs that's so dopey even the politically incorrect colleague in the way back raises his hand and says yeah, you're not allowed to say that. i think i speak for the men and women on this show, that line is never worked once. maybe if you are already drunk, already playing cards and a freshman in college, maybe, but not a 63-year-old guy on a government plane. andrew cuomo strikes me as a kind of guy that if he did play strip poker he probably think it was really funny to start off wearing lots of extra layers of clothes and make all the other women just start off in t-shirts and shorts. that's the kind of guy he is but in all seriousness i don't know if it's true or not, he's innocent until proven guilty, it's a he said/she said but it's obviously a very credible accusation that needs to be looked into very seriously. but juan, he's everything he
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accused donald trump of, and incompetent, creepy, lying jerk who has denied to the science and points his fingers at anybody besides himself and seeks media adulation, he is projecting for the last year so right now you have a guy, and i know you're going to say, juan, i'm going to cut you off that his approval ratings are so great. it's because he's a democrat, the democrats control the media and conduct the opinion surveys. we have that already figured out. who what did he actually do come along? all he did was shut down the new york economy while trump bailed him out with ppe, ventilators and a vaccine. he gave misinformation at these press conferences and flushed all the wealthy people to the hamptons and then he had time all the other 49 governor's dead end, he had the time to write a book about a gradated and managed to have the highest death toll of all the states in the nation so this is not coming
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from me, they rank partisan, this is coming from others who want the guy impeached, investigated and won his power strip. >> juan: greg, the new york congresswoman said today that the governor is a criminal predator, i'm quoting this. and she said he should resign and by the way she is considering running for governor, so is lee zeldin, another republican congressman in new york, can the republicans beat governor cuomo's thinking he will be seeking a fourth term? >> greg: i think he's actually writing another book called "it's not going to be okay." dana, you will have some competition there. i will have to disagree with everything jesse said, clearly this sexual harassment charges donald trump's fault, the callous, sexist behavior so frustrated governor cuomo that he seeks consolation from a member of the opposite sex so
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out so therefore i think this has to go to a third impeachment of donald trump. the most amusing part of it, the thing is, the strip poker thing is a great laugh line but the unwanted kissing is creepy and wrong and it just -- i'm not surprised about what is it with cnn's infatuation with weirdos? they never result in a happy ending, the recent romances, they thought he was going to be the next big presidential hope and then of course cnn had the guy from the lincoln project on almost every hour, love him and now you got this contender, i'm beginning to think cnn is a poor judge of moral character. lastly, what worries me about cuomo is that the left are thrilled to get rid of him, he makes me think they have something worse up their sleeve and dare i say that, is it
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possible that something monstrous called bill de blasio would end up running for governor? could there be something worse than cuomo? you are seeing all the knives come out now, it's like the end of the movie "freaks" when they capture cleopatra and turn her into a duck, it's not as funny as it sounds but it's just like this. >> juan: actually, you took my next question for dana because i was going to say, the democrats look like they are loaded for going after cuomo but last time around, cynthia nixon ran against him, this time around they are looking at letitia james, the attorney general who really broke the scandal and you have the assembly mentor said, you know, cuomo bullied him. do you think there's anybody that could beat cuomo in a democratic primary? 's >> dana: i don't care, really, about the democratic primary. i think the republicans could
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win. think back to other governors of new york's past, governor of new york at 9/11 who worked hand in glove with rudy giuliani and made new york a much stronger state, a lot of mid-atlantic and new england states might have quite democratic populations but they often will have republican governors and that's the case right now in massachusetts and new hampshire. one thing i think is interesting about this as there is sort of reporter up in albany, i had this great point to make. found it. i wrote it down, she said that there have always been democrats who were willing to trash andrew cuomo on background because you hear about him being a bully, those are true but it's, there's been a remarkable change in the last three weeks were now democrats, who only use to talk
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on background are willing to do it on the record and that's when you know that cuomo is probably in a lot of trouble, new york past this big new sexual harassment law, if you work in new york you have to go to this sexual harassment training, it's quite intense and you have to go everything we are no matter what and now you wonder if cuomo went to that, think about when he was on with his brother, one of the big jokes was how andrew cuomo was single and ready to mingle. maybe not so funny today. and jesse, next time you start a rant like that please let me hold your hand, you made me nervous. >> jesse: ask first. it >> juan: day again, picking up on something that jesse mentioned, you know, we see that even after the nursing home scandal, the governor's approval rating is like 57% and when you ask people about him, 41% of new yorkers say he did nothing illegal, may be unethical, how
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do you understand the fact that he seems to be skating above all the static? >> dagen: skating above? the ice is cracked, he is going down, what are you talking about? 61% of new york voters agree that cuomo mishandled the crisis in nursing homes, this is one of the reasons democrats are finally speaking out about his bullying and intimidation and the threats that have gone on literally for years. because he had a hand in killing more than 15,000 elderly people and has blamed everybody from fox news to "the new york post" to donald trump. he stonewalled and covered it up. they are done with him and i just... enough people in new york in politics, in the media and in the communities, the grieving families of the elderly who were killed by cuomo are finally standing up to the school and you do have people like ron kim,
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the assemblyman, a democrat speaking out about the threats and i just want to note just one quick thing about ron kim's story, cuomo called him at home when he was bathing his three daughters and said "i will destroy you," he was yelling so loudly on the phone that cam's wife and kids were frightened by it, cuomo told him, you haven't seen my wrath, i will go out tomorrow and start telling the world how bad of an assembly member you are and you will be finished." janice dean told the bosses here at fox that she had been warned by somebody who knows the cuomo family to watch her back when she started speaking out about andy cuomo and he sick his flunky on janice dean, she was the one who said that she is not a credible source on anything and then went after her sister-in-law and told her to get a life and a clue so right
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now anybody who allegedly has been threatened or harassed by andy cuomo is safe enough, more secure enough and protected enough that they should air what he did to them, allegedly. >> juan: all right. coming up, dr. dr. anthony fauci under fire about new contradictions about covid. greg has a monologue on that next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> greg: if you know one thing about me is that i follow the science, wherever the science goes, i am there. if it heads to the bar i will follow it and buy it a shot. but if you follow the science and think it's always dr. fauci you will be chasing your tail like a beagle with ocd, the man changes his story more often than a suspect on colombo. >> right now at this moment there is no need to change anything that you are doing on a day-by-day basis but as soon as it became clear that there was community spread, then it became clear that we were in real trouble. >> when was that? 's because i was probably towards the middle have an end of january. >> right now in the united states people should not be walking around with masks. putting a mask on yourself is more to prevent you from
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infecting someone else. and if everybody does that we are each protecting each other. >> if one mask is good, two masks are better. >> greg: maybe three. you could wear fauci on the beach, he such a flip-flop. the dumbest lie ever made was up at the science settled" and fauci's right to say what he thinks is right for that moment, he's not blinded by science, just spotlights. it's when he looks back and opinions replace prescriptions just to tickle the media. reuters claimed fauci said the pandemic arrived in the u.s. when the company was driven by political divisions where wearing a mask became a political statement. maybe that could have killed more people and that's an opinion and it's an odd one for a doctor who made equivocation over masks and art form. you could say wear a mask all the time or take it off
2:18 pm
outdoors, say no to closing schools then yes, you can say it's safe to travel, then it's not, you can say vaccines will return us to normalcy except without the normalcy, you can say all of this, he kind of did. but this was a novel virus so it's all novel to him and to us. but assigning a death count to an opinion is a bit much especially when expert opinion changed so much, the thing about covid, it killed a lot of our loved ones but not our memories of them or the advice we heard right and wrong. dana, judging by the impersonation i'm doing i'm going to throw some tape by a fox news contributor, do you know that is? >> dana: brit hume. >> greg: brit hume has a theory on fauci. >> the problem i think with dr. fauci is not so much with him is is with our failure as a
2:19 pm
society to recognize that he is a, an expert in a narrow field. he's an epidemiologist, his job is to fight this disease. he's not an expert in child psychology or children's education, he's not an authority on the u.s. economy and the damage that may be done do it. he's just not. >> greg: it's an interesting point, he's got one lane, the problem is when he's asked to comment outside that lane. >> dana: i think there's a lot of diminishing returns that is a scientific fact, for his media appearances, he is very generous with his time in the media love to have them, he's great for ratings, people love to watch but now he's even taking incoming from the media that is loved and because they are like, well, wait, the schools are open but they are not open, the schools in order for them to open and it does get you into a situation where you sound inconsistent and sometimes disingenuous. so if i were there, if i could
2:20 pm
give a little advice to those folks there, i don't think he needs to say yes to every single interview, he could do, you know, even if they did one briefing a day i think that would be fine. i think it was got early on, he was willing to go on some of those podcasts and different things that you hadn't seen dr. fauci do before and that was awful in the beginning but now there's way too much media, he's watered down the message, confuse the message and i think that even he would probably agree with that that stepping back from all of these media appearances would help all of us. >> greg: wand, should fauci be impeached? >> juan: [laughs] no, you know, i've got to tell you i think i'm actually, you know just in response to dana, i think having fauci out there, the audience is still there on the message is so important, getting vaccinations, giving people --
2:21 pm
>> dana: you don't think he's in a situation now, to greg's point, there are inconsistencies. >> juan: i think greg made a good point but it's not that there are inconsistencies, it's that as greg said, the science evolved. so fauci saying back in march and april, hey, listen, you don't need to wear a mask and it turns out he was concerned about the stockpile of masks for people in hospitals and the like, okay, but then he was saying wear a mask, by april and may and june and it was president trump who was saying he's not going to wear a mask, it was president trump mocking joe biden, never seen a masks it so big, making fun of reporters wearing masks and he certainly knew by then what was going on. what strikes me today as it's not dr. fauci, it's francis collins, the director of the national institute who said, you know, trump politicized masks, he made it a statement of your
2:22 pm
political affiliation, declaration about personal freedom. >> dana: what about the opening of schools? >> juan: i think it's been very clear that, you know, we have to open schools but we have to do it safely. >> dana: they said schools could be open, the cdc director said schools could be open, then they said she was speaking in a personal capacity and they wanted x amount money more for the stimulus bill and that's what ended up happening and then they said, we need to get the schools open, you have to have the stimulus bill, sorry, i've spoken more than i usually do. >> greg: you were smoking what, dana? jessie, there's a neat little trick and you saw it there with juan, when somebody states an opinion they don't like it's a political, they are making masks political and with trump, that was political until the expert said yeah, that was a good move. so it's like, anything that you do, you politicize the topic but they don't.
2:23 pm
>> jesse: or if they flip-flop they are not flip-flopping, they are evolving because the science has evolved. mask shaming which fauci is involved to involved in is so democrats can blame trump supporter's for the pandemic instead of china, we saw half a million people died during a pandemic in which he was the country's top infectious disease doctor and trump followed almost everything he recommended. a little bit of this is on blame shifting, i went back and looked at the polls in october before the second wave on mask wearing, 90% of the country puts a mask on before they leave the house, 89% of conservatives put a mask on before they leave the house. so, if 90% of the country is wearing a mask, why do we have a second wave? and why did cases and deaths in california explode when all the liberals put on masks, masks are not a silver bullet so try stop
2:24 pm
trying to explain the 9% of allowed anti-masters out there that didn't cause the pandemic. >> greg: good point and if we want to talk about politicization of a topic, probably the most repulsive political act was nancy pelosi withholding aid to americans in order to beat trump. that's pretty harsh. >> dagen: standing atop the suffering because she thinks it makes her look taller, the suffering of americans because it makes her more powerful is disgusting, i want to pick up on dana's point really quickly, fauci did say, we need to pass the stimulus to open schools without mentioning that 90% or more of the $68 billion allocated last year for k-12 of schools hadn't even been spent, he didn't even mention that so clearly he is carrying water for the biden administration, from the outside looking in it looks like somebody in the administration said, hey, tony,
2:25 pm
ease up on the good news until we pass this stimulus bill, you know, go out there and scare people. i just want to raise this, is somebody born in a craven, partisan hack or do you become one being around all of these insufferable sycophants down in washington? is this something you can catch? maybe tony found she could get on that and fill us in, hack. >> greg: he would tell you to wear a mask and then not to wear a mask and then he would grant go like this. >> dana: just do less media. >> greg: that's true for everybody. up next to my in cages hypocrisy, joe biden just opened up the same facility he attacked trump for using.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: semiserious hypocrisy from joe biden, remember how he crucified donald trump for putting kids in cages? he opened up the exact same child migrant detention center he attacked the former president for using but the white house claims it's totally different this time. >> kamala harris said putting people in this facility was a human rights abuse committed by the united states government and joe biden said, there had been kids kept in cages, now it is not under trump, it is under
2:31 pm
biden. >> this is a facility that is opened that's going to follow the same standard as other hhs facilities, it is not a replication. >> jesse: she tried to dismiss the controversy again today by saying it's fine, the media is in on the spin, too, "the washington post" has ditched the phrase "kids in case cages," calling it instead a "migrant facility for children." claiming what he's doing is "not okay" but that's a far cry from when she said this about the trump administration. >> the united states is running concentration camps on our southern border. >> jesse: all right, greg, take it away. >> greg: obviously this is not the same, it's more like a team
2:32 pm
tank the bad news is obviously the kids are being placed in shipping containers, the good news is they are not being shipped to the lincoln project so we can rest assure they will be safe. what's interesting to me is that we were told a four year narrative by the media have that this was all about separating children from their parents but now they have thousands of these unaccompanied young adults, now they are teens. so it never was about that, was it? we knew it was about protecting kids from adult strangers, you don't put them in rooms with strangers and the reason why there were "cages" was because you could see through the walls and make sure they were safe. is the savior when you look at solid boxes with one barred window? it doesn't look that way but it
2:33 pm
leads you to the big question, is our craze is not a crisis if it's not reported as one? when trump was president the media called it a crisis but now it's not because they are doing the dem's bidding, i will give credit to aoc, she came out pretty strong against biden which made me think it wasn't a political maneuver, she really believes this and then she had to soft in it which meant somebody got to her. >> jesse: who got to her, juan? did you get to her, juan? >> juan: it could be. it could be. to me it's just so apparent that clearly this is not about separating kids from their parents which was the number one issue. if this is not even law enforcement lock them up attitude, in order to discourage people from crossing the borders i'm sending unaccompanied minors, this is an effort because of the pandemic to open
2:34 pm
the facility where you have fewer kids, less likelihood of the threat of disease and you make an emphasis and more of a child welfare model, an emphasis on trying to reunite those kids either with relatives are directly with their parents so to me this is quite different but i guess if you want to get a laugh out of it and say it's the same thing, it's not the same thing. the big, i will tell you what is the same thing, we have a broken immigration system and we need to figure out how to deal not only with kids seeking asylum but we need to deal with people who are dreamers, people who are here and we had to deal with supporters, let's get together, republicans and democrats and pass immigration legislation. >> greg: you didn't tell me who the parents were. >> jesse: wand brings up the point about separating families, the trump administration because they didn't know who the fathers were and if you drag a
2:35 pm
child across the border how do you know they are not a smuggler and legally you are not even allowed to attain an adult and a child to together under u.s. law so that's why people were separated and a lot of them are coming without parents and going to the same place trump had them put it, same facility. >> dana: all those up with demand explanations came after they had suggested as a deterrent that parents would not even suggest do not try to bring their children across, then they had all those excellent nations you just had a, governing is a lot harder than campaigning and i would not have wanted to had to be the white house secretary at that meeting, knowing okay, i'm going to have to go out there and explain this, okay, here we go. that's why she's there and she's got a tough job. i also just think that, juan says we should all work together to pass immigration reform, maybe that's true but at some point can we please talk about solving this problem at its source, they don't want to leave
2:36 pm
in the first place. >> greg: are you talking about invading mexico? >> dana: you know me. [laughter] >> dagen: what biden has done on immigration is creating an incentive for smuggler's and human to bring these kids here. ending deportations, that was shut down by a judge, canceling the "remain in mexico" program, catch and release is back, illegal border crossings have more than doubled from a year ago, this administration will never get immigration over all done because there is a border crisis that's beginning to happen right now and these policies are putting children in
2:37 pm
harm's way. also taking jobs away from people who are here legally. it's a nightmare. >> jesse: up ahead, a big update on tiger woods, what the l.a. sheriff just set on whether he'll face criminal charges. ♪ ♪
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2:42 pm
surgery on significant injuries to his legs which was reportedly agitated and almost smashed into a tv director's car before his accident. brand-new video shows woods driving just minutes before he crashed. juan, you weren't here yesterday, i just wanted to get your reaction to what happened. >> dagen: thanks, not i guess i've been struck listening and reading the outpouring of sympathy for tiger woods, obviously there been moments when everybody was caught up in scandals about tiger woods whether it was angry wife or the use of painkillers that led him to be pulled over for a dui but to me it's almost shakespearean, his life is just filled with so much, i don't know, tragedy at times. he is the greatest golfer i think we can agree that we've seen, the greatest golfer and yet he's had to pay such a price in terms of the way, he's been under intense scrutiny
2:43 pm
throughout a life with his very obsessive, driven father, troubled relationships and the like and of course being the first black golfer tow win the masters and that's another aspect of this story because you don't have to go back that far. i think the masters had a black member until 1990 and you go back until the '80s, it was only black caddies and white golfers on tiger woods changed all that for america. >> dagen: he did. >> dana: obviously thankful that it was 9-life-threatening, great love of the innovation that we've been able to develop in our modern society so you can have a vehicle that can hold up like this and protect the life, tragic that he had to have the surgery but he will be able to have a great life, moving forward, i'm sure. >> dagen: lucky to be alive.
2:44 pm
jesse? >> jesse: these are catastrophic leg injuries, the more you hear about it, the worse it sounds, compound fractures, bones shattered into fragments, he's got a steel rod in their, it's going to look like a robocop below his waist, he's going to be in a wheelchair, the human body is not designed to swing a golf club that ferociously from age 2-45 and it caught up with him, he's had nine surgeries before this one. i don't see he comes back before 2022 season, 2023, there may be a comeback attempt, i just don't see it being successful. >> dagen: greg, final word to you. >> greg: i am glad he will probably recover, he might not be the same, who knows but i think we can also say that the news is broken or at least breaking news is broken because we keep saying this is breaking news, it's not breaking news. that's just my pet peeve.
2:45 pm
i can't leave without a pet peeve. >> dagen: that was a minor one. [laughter] >> greg: it was a minor one. >> dagen: "the fastest" is coming up next. ♪ ♪
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and keep the public safe. ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back for a book at the fastest," you told the cops two masked men abducted him, knocked him unconscious and later he confessed to making the whole thing up. he worked in a tire shop. i guess he didn't want to go to work. >> jesse: greg was going to face fake is kidnapping if we did a whole hour on tiger. took my joke! >> jesse: did i? i'm sorry. >> dana: that's pretty serious to fake your own kidnapping.
2:50 pm
he put himself in restraints and everything. >> dagen: i thought about which job i had throughout my life, maybe follow up on the hood of slow moving cars, it would be managing an ice cream shop at the beach where the owner every day accuse me of stealing, often in the floor with their mouth's blue from doing whippets from the whipped cream canisters that's what i would do when a self-kidnapping. >> dana: juan, have you ever wanted to do this? >> juan: no, not at all. what happened to sick days? take a sick day. he's only 19 years old and it seems to me this is not good for his resume. >> dana: maybe he should go into acting. >> greg: maybe he was just tired. >> dana: in the shop, very,
2:51 pm
very good. all right, we are going to have lots of time for "one more thing." >> greg: have a chart, i will show you why people feel that way, this is the arc of life, here you are at 36, why are you happy there? you can't see over the hump. once you get to about 40, you can finally see the end and once you see the end you feel all the momentum behind you. that is why you look back at 36 and think it's a good time but in fact the best time is when you are seeing the end because then you are in your wisdom you learn to enjoy them life more, you are not enjoying life here as much as you are on the way down. >> dana: jesse, do you have a chart? >> jesse: no, my chart is up here. i want to be 86, i want to sit in the chair, say inappropriate things and get away with it because oh, jesse is just so
2:52 pm
old, it's all gone now. and people just bring you drinks and cater to you. >> greg: or you can be president. >> dana: juan, you like the age you are at now, right? >> juan: i love it. i think when you are 36, your family formation, big bills, that's more of a stressor. >> dana: dagen, last word to you. >> dagen: the 40s are the best because that's when everybody just stops giving a damn. >> greg: i like 50s. the one we don't know what 50s are, greg. all right, "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes was knocking me out of my zone, but lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic® helped me get back in it. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪
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>> time now for "one more thing" and i'm going to make your day. what's this? that's 2-year-old bridgman. the 2-year-old has a nerve disorder that has affected the spine and left him paralyzed in december. his parents took him to the akron children's hospital where he began a treatment of steroids, injections, physical therapy. and as you can see right there, he left the hospital able to stand and walk with the help of a walker. congratulations to his parents and thanks to akron children's hospital for lifting everybody's spirits. dana. >> dana: well great, i'm feeling a little something from you. i hope it's okay. how many rice cakes do you think there are, greg? >> 47. you ruin things! >> dana: i just totally botched it. [laughter] anyway. there are 8 rice cakes on this
2:58 pm
dog's head. >> greg: his eyes. >> dana: that's how you balance. that's how you balance. >> greg: poor little guy. there you go. well, i have a flat head. >> all right, greg. you are up. >> greg: all right, speaking of data, everything will be okay. i interviewed you on the podcast which you can now see on it's a great interview. it's really more about me than her. i'll show you how it's done, dana. what's happening here? i want everyone to take a look. can you tell me what's happening here? i will tell you the answer. what is happening here? dana, what's happening here? >> there is a dog jumping over a landing. >> greg: no, juan, what's happening here? >> juan: i think he is jumping the fence.
2:59 pm
>> greg: jesse? >> jesse: i think it's a video trick. >> dagen: acrobatics. >> greg: you are all wrong. it is to call strange men playing ping-pong without a ball. [laughter] >> juan: all right, i'll take that. next, jesse. >> jesse: all right, our friends over in pakistan have employed a new law enforcement fleet of officers. rollerblade is pure that's right. these rollerblading officers will chase down bandits, thieves, and ne'er-do-wells. you can't fight off a suspect in rollerblades, right? so, if a guy resists arrest, they are just going to be flat on their you know what's. so, i think this is a bad idea. [laughter] do you think so, dana? >> dana: i would have been a
3:00 pm
dumb i that. >> jesse: he pushes you and you fall right down. >> dana: i would figure that out but i think i would have liked that job. >> juan: they look like robocop. >> bret: can we go back to the ping-pong dog? thanks, juan. good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. critics of new york governor, andrew cuomo take to the streets over his nursing home scandal. a former employee is accusing the governor of sexual harassment. the woman is making her case in a published essay tonight with some very serious allegations. and the governor is fighting back. correspondent, brian gannon has this story tonight from new york. good evening, brian. >> good evening. lindsey says that she first met governor cuomo in 2016. then she went on to work from m in 2018


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